Our aim was to develop the perfect dropper seatpost. This has inspired us to rethink the seatpost from scratch. We have abandoned all conventional approaches and constructed a dropper seatpost with a completely new concept. The challenges on the trail will stay the same – the seatpost that assists you will be as never ever before. That’s because the Eightpins seatpost is more functional, flexible and at the same time more stable and reliable than all other dropper seatposts before. Welcome to the new era of seatposts!

Less is more

Single tube design

The single tube telescoping reduces the components to a minimum, thereby saving weight and improving the stability of the construction.


Clear design

The Eightpins seatpost convinces with simplicity and understatement. The single tube design with its continuous straight line assimilates perfectly into the shape of a mountainbike.

Good bye seat clamp!

Simple assembly

With the Eightpins Postpin axle system, the seatpost can simply be fixed in the frame. What has already become common with the fixing of wheels is now cleverly applied to the assembly of seatposts.

No turning or sliding

Our newly developed Postpin axle retires the old seatclamp and holds the Eightpins seatpost form-locked in the frame. No more turning or sliding or any other malfunction resulting from too tightly squeezed tubes.

As individual as you

For each height

No matter if you are 1,55m or more than 2m tall. The Eightpins seatpost can be ideally adjusted to any height and any riding style. From now on, very short and very tall riders too can rely on uncompromising performance on their dropper seatposts.

More drop by 20mm

The Eightpins seatpost can be dropped by 20mm more than average double tube design seatposts. Being a short rider has never been so easy!

Seat post length of 480mm

Thanks to a maximum seat post length of 480mm, the tallest riders can fully benefit from the use of a telescoped seat post, too.

Variable, more variable, Eightpins

4 different  travel options

Since each frame size and each rider require a specific travel, the Eightpins seatpost comes with four different travel versions: S, M, L and XL.

Adjustable travel

The travel can be reduced and can thus be adjusted to your individual height and riding style. The Eightpins seatpost perfectly fits your needs, be it a higher dropped seat position for marathon or cross country or more travel with a deep drop for more freedom of movement.

Size S S XL XL
Travel 150mm 150mm 216mm 216mm
Offset/Setback Setback 25mm non Setback Setback 25mm non Setback
Height 210mm 190mm 340mm 320mm
Weight 562g 512g 669g 619g

Carry less

Length can be shortened

Depending on your height and the size of your bike’s frame, you can simply cut the seat post to the required length. This will prevent you from carrying around unnecessary weight!

Up to 30% less weight!

Eightpins uses only one single tube for the drop function and the height adjustment. Thanks to this elimination of completely redundant components, the Eightpins seatpost is on the average 30% lighter than other products on the market. According to the length of the seat post, its actual weight varies between 512g (S no Setback) and 669g (XL with Setback).

More stability

Firm 33mm tube

Did you know that the best way to make a tube more stable and lighter is a large diameter? The Eightpins seatpost tube boasts a diameter of 33mm, which has been achieved through the single tube design.

Syntace test standards

The Eightpins seatpost has been tested against the hardest and most realistic test standard world-wide: the Syntace test standard. Through the collaboration with Syntace, we ensure that our seatpost excels in multiple durability and breaking tests in order to guarantee maximum quality.


The trend in enduro bikes and all-mountain bikes towards shorter chainstays, bigger wheels and more travel is a big challenge concerning the frame design. The seattubes have to move a bit forward to get enough room for the wheels. Eightpins has already developed a seatpost with 23mm setback to compensate the saddle position. This enables a mixture between handy geometry and enough travel for the seatpost.

Smooth handle

Safe usage

When using the Eightpins Smooth Push lever, there’s no need to open your thumb widely. You can keep your hands closed and thus considerably reduce the risk of slipping off the handlebar.

Ergonomic form

Your thumb is going to love the Eightpins Smooth Push lever. It enables an ergonomic and easy handling of the dropper functionbesides simply feeling awesome.

Drop without distraction

Safe and fast dropping

The faster and easier you can drop the seatpost, the less you are distracted from biking. We’ve eliminated the downwards attenuation so that you can quickly focus again on the trail after dropping.

Precise and fast positioning

The pins of the mechanical rapid interlocking pin system lock the seatpost precisely and fast with a clear haptic feedback in the choosen position.

Less maintenance, more trail

Fast assembly and disassembly

Quick release axle in, quick release axle out – you’ll be surprised by how easily the Eightpins seatpost can be assembled and disassembled. Slotted holes at the seat tube head allow for a quick assembly and disassembly of the seat, which will save you from getting annoyed by separate components flying around.

Two hex keys

Missing tools is past. All you need for the removal of the Eightpins seatpost are two Allen keys. The bowden cable can simply be unhinged without any tools.

100 % Reliability
100 % Adventure

Mechanical locking

The mechanical locking of the Eightpinsseapost operates reliably and almost wear-free. That way, the Eightpins seatpost accommodates considerably more force than conventional telescope seat posts.


6mm gradation


The height adjustment mechanism works in very small steps of only 6mm and hence offers the ideal position for everyriding situation.


Lift Proof

Contrary to hydraulic systems, the Eightpins seatpost makes it possible for bikes to be lifted and hung up directly on the seat even if the seat post is dropped – the “Lift Proof” system doesn’t leave you in the lurch!

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2017 available at

The Eightpins seatpost will be exclusively available in Liteville bikes  from spring 2017. From end 2017 other OEMs can integrate the Postpin Standard and ship their bikes with the Eighpins seatpost. Syntace GmbH will be the distributor and is responsible for Service. For requests please send us an email: