Less is more

The seat tube of the bicycle frame becomes the housing of the Eightpins seat post. The thick continuous seatpost tube fits seamlessly into the design of the bike. The large overlap between seat post and frame as well as the large tube diameter ensure low wear and low operating forces. The Eightpins sliding guide in combination with the outer sleeve for sealing and lubrication ensure long reliable operation. Dirt is effectively prevented and an oil bath lubricates the seat post reliably.

Good bye seatclamp

For 120 years, seat posts were clamped into the bicycle frame. With the Eightpins Postpin axle that has an end. The form locking connection between frame and seat post holds the seat post in place and prevents it from twisting. Important components are not squeezed and the function is not affected.

Ultra-thin guiding

To provide a smooth up and down actuation of the seatpost in the frame good sliding elements are required. Special Teflon bushings, which are also used for suspension forks, are inserted into an ultra-thin aluminium tube. This bushing tube is inserted into the seat post tube from above. This ensures a solid guidance of the seat post tube and transfers the bending forces into the frame.

Reliable lubrication

The seat post tube should always be lubricated with a little oil so that it can run as smoothly as possible in the teflon bushings. The outer sleeve of the Eightpins NGS 2 got major improvements and was equipped with a large oil reservoir. Two felt rings provide a permanent and dosed oil film which is maintained on the tube. The slick surface of the seatpost tube in combination with the floating wiper keeps dirt reliably out of the guiding system.

The Eightpins NGS2 seat post not only stands out from other products on the outside, but also from the inside. Where normal oil works as a holding or adjustment medium, Eightpins has only pure mechanics under the hood.

The seatpost tube is blocked every 6mm with the patented “Rapid locking unit” or released for lowering. The seat post blocks in both directions in the selected height. Dropping and locking the seatpost is done quickly with a clear haptic feedback. The Eightpins mechanic is so stable that even 600KG load will not cause any damage.

The interface of the Eightpins seatpost has an integrated overload clutch. This allows for a twist of the saddle in overload situations such as crashes. The twisted saddle can then be easily turned back into the right position by hand. The new NGS 2 overload clutch can be adjusted to higher torques.

Pressing the saddle down should be quick and easy. Low counterforce has the advantage that the centre of gravity is not unnecessarily shifted upwards while riding. This increases performance and safety on the trail.

As individual as you

Eightpins has continued to develop the integration standard for seat posts in order to simplify the adjustment to the body size significantly. The result is the ISPS -Integrated seatpost standard. 99% of all riders can adjust the seat post to their body height in two steps without shortening or replacing the seat post.

More freedom of movement and a wide adjustment range

A lot of travel turned into more travel. The NGS 2 seat post offers up to 258mm travel in the XXL version and the XS version already offers 168mm travel. This gives a lot of freedom of movement for difficult downhill sections where the saddle often gets in the way.

For the perfect adjustment of the saddle height, each seat post provides between 102 and 150 mm adjustment band width, depending on the size. The frame of the bike and the seat post grow together. The frames follow one of the two ISPS size schemes depending on the number of frame sizes so that the combination works.

more about ISPS-Standard

Adjust and Go

Setting the right saddle height has never been so easy. Simply sit on the bike and adjust the desired height using the remote lever. Then get off the bike and use a small allen key to open and close the height adjustment knob. That’s it.

Automatic travel adjustment

The reduction of the seatpost stroke is a necessary function for telescopic seatposts to be able to adapt to smaller riders. So far this has only worked with the help of additional reduction elements which have had to be installed. The stroke of Eightpins seatposts with ISPS standard turn automatically to the maximum or reduces itself if the required extension length of the tube is less than the maximum stroke.

Simple height adjustment

The adjustment of the saddle height in the extended position is done with the patented height adjustment of the NGS2. By turning the height adjustment actuator in the seat post head the seat post tube is separated from the piston rod and enables a simple and quick adjustment. The new Postpin interface design and the grooves at the seat post end extend the travel of the Eightpins seat post. In this way the travel and adjustment range can be extended enormously.

Setback seat post head

Large wheels, thick tyres, short chainstays and a lot of suspension travel take up space between the tyre and the seat tube. The Eightpins Setback seatpost head helps with this and allows the seat tube to move forward in the frame. With the 25mm saddle offset, the offset of the seat tube is compensated.

No full seatpost exchange anymore!

No more compromises in the design of saddle heights and seat post strokes! The Eightpins seat post can be easily adapted to all needs. The seat post no longer needs to be replaced in case of too much or too little travel or overall length at the point of sale or at the customer.

No more cutting

The Eightspins seat post tubes have a specific length for each size. This means that the seat post no longer has to be shortened. This makes the Eightpins system the first integrated telescopic seat post system that does not have to be adjusted to the rider’s size by sawing.

Thick is stable

Did you know that the best way to make a tube more stable and lighter is a large diameter? The Eightpins seatpost tube boasts a diameter of 33mm, which has been achieved through the single tube design.

High test standards. High safety.

The Eightpins seatpost has been tested against the hardest and most realistic test standard world-wide: the Syntace test standard. Through the collaboration with Syntace, we ensure that our seatpost excels in multiple durability and breaking tests in order to guarantee maximum quality and safety.

Carry less

Eightpins uses only one single tube for the drop function and the height adjustment. Thanks to this elimination of completely redundant components, the Eightpins seatpost is on the average up to 30% lighter than other products on the market. According to the length of the seat post, its actual weight varies between 511gr (XS with setback) and 595gr (XXL with Setback).

NGS 2.0 Gravel

The Eightpins NGS2 seatpost is also available as Gravel version with 120mm stroke.

More information soon…