“Improving mountain bikes”

Our vision

„Improving mountain bikes”

We develop products from riders for riders and pursue not only the aim of having a product, which not only lives up to our highest expectations of ourselves, but also satisfies every passionate mountainbiker in search for better material functionality. Our motivation for developing the Eightpins dropper seatpost was our own dissatisfaction with the commercial products on the market as well as the conviction that there must be a better solution. That’s why we have set ourselves the goal to develop the dropper seatpost of the next generation – a seatpost with a high level of innovation, which has never been seen before.

Marketing and service

The marketing of the Eightpins dropper seatpost is based on two pillars, which complement each other perfectly. First of all, we take all responsibility for marketing and sales by ourselves, because it is us who simply have the best knowledge of our seatpost. For operational sales, we have entrusted our partner Syntace. This means that we use existing structures and can guarantee that the customer gets the best service possible service to our customers.

Made in Austria

It is not for nothing that our products carry the seal “Made in Austria”, because we care about the strengths of the domestic market. The Eightpins dropper seatpost was not only developed in Austria, it is also based here when it comes to production. In fact, the production is one of our core competences. Only the blank for the seat tube is produced in Taiwan; the processing of the seat tube and the production of all further parts of the seatpostas well as the assembling is done in Austria. We benefit from the expertise and quality standards of Austrian companies and follow our guideline to forge sustainable partnerships and cooperations with our peer companies. Our approach not only aims for optimal added value in the country and allows faster production cycles, small batches and short-term reordering. In turn, this means a fast and reliable availability by implication for our customers.


Patrick Buchberger

With his background as a shareholder in commercial trade, he does not only keep the overview in the number jungle of accounting and the confusion of logistics, he also supervises the entire value chain and supply chain of Eightpins – from the raw material supplier to the final consumer. As an educated graphic designer, Patrick finds his creative balance in beeing responsible for all design issues, graphics and the website of Eightpins. Not only a long friendship for several years and the passion for mountainbiking connects him to developer Lukas Eberlberger, but also the former project “FR Ready”, which was well-known for high quality CNC shaped flat pedals.

Lukas Eberlberger

is the technical mastermind behind Eightpins. As a passionate mountainbiker, he was never satisfied by the commercial dropper seatposts on the market. Driven by the vision of the perfect solution, he dedicated himself to developing the Eightpins seatpost for as long as five years – because the educated technician for machine tools is not satisfied with less than the optimum. With his special expertise in the manufacturing process of machining, Lukas Eberlberger stands for efficient manufacturing concepts, innovative production solutions and automation processes. With developing the Eightpins seatpost, he created a revolutionary product with high innovation.

Andreas Haimberger

Being in charge of sales, marketing and business development he connects his passion for mountainbiking with his passion for developing and implementing business ideas. Boring theory has never been his thing, that is why he also gathered valuable practical experiences besides studying Economics at the university of Linz. With his theoretical and practical background, he uses his experiences in the business creation and brand development of Eightpins. For 21 years by now, he has lived and loved trials and mountain biking, thus he has the perfect background to forward the business development of Eightpins with strong enthusiasm.